Daily The Hindu Vocabulary

Daily The Hindu Vocabulary important for competitive examination

the hindu vocabulary

  1. Slaughter- to kill, murder, slain

  2.  turgid- swelled, increase

  3. tumid- on larged, swelled, distended 

  4. grandiloquent – speaking in a lofty styles, pompous , bombastic

  5. miscreant- villain, cheat, rascal , rogue

  6. upheaval – a great change or disturbance

  7. sporadic- separate, scatter, single, isolated

  8. moron- a very stupid person, foolish regard person

  9. demesne- legal possession of land as one’s own

  10. discern-  to see

  11. encroached- come into a place or situation where you are uninvited or unwelcome

  12. condescension- descent, to go or come down

  13. revivify- revive, to restore to life, to impart new life

  14. hobbled- to move with great difficulty,painfully, syn- cripple- loss of strength

  15. spluttering- a confusing noise, as of hasty speaking

  16. miffed- hurt, offended, a bad temper, argument, quarrel

  17. deleterious- hurtful, destructive, syn- pernicious, detrimental 

  18. thwarting- stubborn, baffle, oppose, contravene, adamant 

  19. wracked- punishment, harm, vengeance

  20. cripple- loss of strength