Daily The Hindu Vocabulary

Daily The Hindu Vocabulary important for competitive examination

the hindu vocabulary

1 . instill- gradually but firmly establish an idea or attitude in someone’s mind

2. instinct – a natural ability of skill

3. grating- sounding harsh and unpleasant , irritating

4. boon- a thing that is helpful or beneficial

5. barbarism- absence of culture and civilization, extremely cruelty or brutality

6. felon- a person who has committed a serious crime

7. fend- defend yourself from an attack or attacker.

8. decipher- convert a text written into normal language 

9. delineate – explain or describing precisely

10. loopy- / loony- a mad or silly

11. mooch- stand or walk around in a bored way

12. moor- high open area of land that is not cultivated, unfertile, barren land

13. nook- a place that is hidden

14. oomph- excitement or energy

15. famished- very hungry

16. predicament- a difficult situation

17. stanch- थमना , बर्बाद होना, cessation, closure, blow over

18. affinity- a natural liking, a close relationship

19. stench- very unpleasant smell

20. kin- a family or relation:- your feeling for me is a kin to pity. 

Daily The Hindu Vocabulary important for competitive examination