Daily The Hindu Vocabulary

The Hindu Vocabulary

1. Fend- look after and provide for oneself, without any help from others.

2. Gerontology- study of the aging processes and individual as they grow from middle age.

3. Paradigm- typical example, pattern or model of something.

4. Sprang- to jump, leap or move swiftly, she sprang into the boat

5. ridges- a long narrow piece of ground, raised above the level of the ground.

6. Saddle- a seat with a raised ridge at the front, a seat on a bicycle or motorcycle. 

7. scolded- angrily criticize or tell off.

8. scorched- burn something on the surface, dried out.

9. shoals- in group, fishes swimming in shoals

10. lest- to avoid the risk of, with the intention of preventing

11. glimmering- shining light

12. undulating- move with a smooth wave like motion, wavy form

13. septic- infected with bacteria

14. acme- the highest point of achievement or excellence

15. cozy- make someone feel complacent/comfortable

16. hindrance- a thing that provides resistance delay or obstruction, stymie, impediment

17. raucous- sounding loud and harsh

18. pitiable- deserving contempt