Daily The Hindu Vocabulary important for competitive examination

The Hindu Vocabulary

1. Benign- cheerful and kindly, favourable

2. Innocuous- not harmful, amiable

3. Armistice- temporary cessation or suspension of hostilities

4.  segregating- to separate from others

5. lump- put up with something

6. incorrigible- cannot be corrected, to bad to be corrected

7. inebriated- an inebriated man never cares for his family.

8. pejorative- expressing contempt or disapproval

9. parole- free from something, he’s hoping to get parole free from tax, permanent release/temporary from a prisoner before the end of his sentence.

10. recondite- difficult to understand

11. recalcitrant- disobedient, unwilling to cooperate

12. abstruse- difficult, not easily understandable