Daily The Hindu Vocabulary important for competitive examination

The Hindu Vocabulary

1. Ravenous- very hungry, famished

2. sybarite- a person who is very fond of luxury

3. stalemate- impasse, a situation in which further progress by opposing sides seems impossible.

4. capricious- having sudden changes of mood, vacillate

5. lascivious- showing strong desire

6. libel- the legal term for something written, which is harmful to a person’s reputation

7. idiosyncrasy- a person particular way of behaving or thinking, eccentricity

8. maverick- independent minded person or unconventional

9. Melliferous- pleasing, mellow

10. liability- punished by law for something, responsible for law

11. cajole- persuade someone to do something by flattering them

12. obscene- disgusting