Daily The Hindu Vocabulary

The Hindu Vocabulary

  1. Pegg- fix a prize or rate- pegging up a currency means, fixing the value of a currency at a higher level.

  2. Cognizable- Process of gaining knowledge through thought or experience

  3. Minuscule- very small, it was so minuscule that it couldn’t be read even with a magnifying glass.

  4. Tryst- secret meeting, secretly meeting with someone, it was a tryst on the part of the man who entered the room.

  5. Winced- showing his/her pain- the boy winced after he hit the injured foot against the door. 

  6. Seethed- very angry

  7. Elopement- the act of running away with a lover [usually to get married]

  8. gruelling- exhausting, a gruelling race

  9. Confide- to tell one’s private thought  to someone.

  10. confidant- a person you trust and confide in.

  11. conciliate- make someone calm and content, try to bring the two sides in a dispute together.